I’m Frances Lou, married to Fred, and a wannabe excellent cook. I’m not, but I try, and Fred eats what I make with minimal complaining.  Fred does know better than to complain… if he wants to eat.

Anyway, I happened to look at spam because I just wanted to know what these people send me.  And I found recipes.  Lots and lots of recipes.  Fred tells me they do it to get past spam filters so I’ll at least look at it and maybe click on that web address and get a virus.  Which I’m not going to do.  I don’t want viruses of any kind.  Computer, bird, swine, people… no viruses please.

But I will keep posting about these recipes I’ve found.  Some are good, some are ‘say what?’ and some are ‘…who eats this?’ but that’s my opinion.  No one else’s.  And Fred told me to be sure that everyone knows this is my opinions, not his.