So this week my spam folder brought me something that goes into the ‘nope nope nope’ pile.  Bean Croquettes.  It’s in the nope pile because of the amount of work to make these things.  Plus, the format the spammer put it in is just bad.

?Bean Croquettes. Soak 1 qt. of
white soup beans over night. In the morning, drain, cover with fresh cold water,
bring to a boil, drain, and cover with 1 qt. boiling water; boil slowly for
about an[Pg 23] hour. When the beans are tender press through a sieve then add 1
tablespoonful of vinegar, 2 of molasses, 2 of butter, salt and cayenne to taste,
let the mixture get cold, when form into croquettes, dip in egg and in bread
crumbs and fry in boiling fat.

Let’s just look at the amount of work they want me to do.

I’ll start with soaking 1 quart of white soup beans over night.  What do I soak them in . Water?  Salt water?  Rum?  (I like that last idea, rum soaked beans could be a new thing.)

After I do that, I add water, boil, and drain.  Then I add 1qt of boiling water to the beans again and let it boil for an hour.  Why can’t I just boil the whole thing for an hour?

Once the beans are tender I press through a sieve.  It takes all of that to make tender beans?  I can just over boil the lima beans for a bit and get mush, but with this I have to soak for a night and boil  for an hour.  I wonder what these beans are made of, small rocks?

Anyway, I push it through a sieve and add stuff, then I let it get cold.  I assume I can hurry that part along by using the refrigerator, but who knows, maybe they want me to put it in a pot of ice and just wait.

And now once I’ve done all of that I can fry them up in hot fat to make the croquettes.  It sounds like a vegetarian hamburger made of white soup beans and I can promise you that is something I’ll never get Fred to eat and considering the amount of work, something I will never be making.