This week, my spam folder brought me a recipe for rabbit.  This is this third one.  I think I’ve made it rather clear that I will not be making rabbit.  No matter what the recipe is, I will not be making it.  Rabbits are cute and cuddly and I just can’t do it.

The recipe:

Sour Rabbit

  • Cut the rabbit and then place in a china bowl and add
  • One cupful of chopped onions,
  • One bunch of potherbs,
  • One teaspoonful of sweet marjoram,
  • Six cloves,
  • Five allspice,
  • Two bay leaves.

Now cover, using a mixture of two parts vinegar and one part water. Set in a cool place for three days, turning the rabbit over every day, then put in a casserole dish or stewing pan and cook until tender. Thicken the gravy. Serve potato dumplings with this dish, or it may be eaten cold.

Aside from the fact that they want me to cook a rabbit, let’s start with the fact that I put the rabbit in a bowl and leave it there for three days.  Of course, I turn it every day, but still, I put meat in a bowl and leave it for three days.  For some reason, that just screams to me ‘you’re going to get food poisoning!’.

This recipe came from Mrs. Wilson’s Cook Book, of course.  That does date from 1920, so I guess the idea of germs and don’t leave your rabbit in a pot for 3 day didn’t apply at the time.

I did some more reading on Mr Google and discovered that Rabbit Stew is also known as Hasenfeffer or Hasenpfeffer, depending on who you ask.  I guess it originally was a German recipe.

Anyway, until next time, toodles!