This week my spam folder brought me something that just sounds wrong.  Clam Pie.  I’m sorry, but those two words just don’t belong together.  Clams are best shucked raw and slurped down or in chowder, I do love a good clam chowder. I just can’t see baking them into a pie.  Pie is apples and chocolate and other really good sweets.  I even love Key Lime Pie.

That may be my problem.  My ears hear pie and my brain thinks ‘yay desert!’ but this recipe just … isn’t right.  It’s all kinds of wrong, to quote my mother.

The recipe!

???Clam Pie
No. 1. (An old New England seashore dish.) Chop the clams if large, saving the
liquor that runs from them. Heat, strain, and sea[Pg 35]son this and cook the
chopped clams for 10 minutes in it. Have a thick top crust of good pastry, but
none at the bottom of the bake dish. Fill with alternate layers of the minced
clams, season with salt, pepper, a few drops of onion juice, some bits of butter
and a few teaspoonfuls of strained tomato sauce, and thin slices of boiled
potatoes. Dredge each layer of clams with flour. Lastly, pour in a cupful of
clam juice, put on the crust and bake half an hour in a quick oven.

So it’s clear that my spammers were rude to me and copying and pasting from something again.  They did a really poor job of it too, look at those things they left in. The page number?  That doesn’t help.

I did check with Mr. Google and found that the recipe is from their favorite 365 Luncheon Dishes.  They really do love this cookbook.  I’m not sure I do, with recipes like this one,  Lobster Creams, German Prune Cake and Curried Fowl there isn’t much to recommend it.

Until next time, toodles!