My spam folder was not polite to me this week.  Fricassee of Rabbit?  That’s the recipe it brought?  No thank you!  I think I made my feelings clear on the subject of eating rabbit, whether or you call it a rabbit or a hare.  Not going to do it, thank you!

But I will share the recipe with y’all, ’cause that’s what I do in this blog.

Fricassee of Rabbit

  • Place the rabbit in a saucepan and add
  • One quart of boiling water,
  • One large onion with two cloves stuck in it,
  • Fagot of soup herbs.

Bring to a boiling point and cook gently until the meat is tender. The gravy may be thickened with cornstarch.

Season with pepper, salt and finely minced parsley.

To make a rabbit pie place the fricasse of rabbit in a baking dish and cover with a crust. Bake for thirty-five minutes in a hot oven.

So we’ve made it clear I’m not making this recipe, right?  Crystal clear to everyone?

It’s from Mrs WIlson’s book again, and she does actually have a recipe for  fagot of herbs.  Really interesting, I never thought about combining the herbs in my kitchen and setting them aside for something else.  Then again, that just shows you how much cooking I do, doesn’t it.

I did go back and look in my spam folder because I was curious about what kind of message I would get that would include a rabbit recipe.  The subject of the email was “Subject: (4) friend requests”.   HAH.  No friend of mine would send me a rabbit recipe!

Until next time, toodles!