This week we have baked green peppers popping up in my spam folder. I know green peppers don’t pop, and they’re more tart than hot, but my friend Maggie insists that she absolutely will not eat them because they’re hot. I just shake my head. What can I say to her? Green peppers are tart, red peppers are sweet, and they’re both delicious! But no, she won’t touch them at all. Just don’t get her started on yellow peppers or orange peppers. To her, the color of the pepper means how hot it is, whether or not that has anything to do with reality.

Anyway, Peggy isn’t the point of this week’s recipe. Though I do find her refusal just puzzling.

This week, the recipe is baked green peppers, which sounds interesting, but as with last week’s┬árecipe, there’s parts missing from it.

Allow one large pepper for each person. Cut a slice from the top and 
remove the seeds and then place in cold water until needed. Now mince 
fine four onions and then cook until tender but not brown, in four 
tablespoons of shortening. Place in a bowl and then add

Two ounces of bacon, diced and cooked to a light brown,

One and one-half cups of fine bread crumbs,

Two teaspoons of salt,

One teaspoon paprika,

One-half teaspoon thyme,

Three-quarters cup of milk,

One well-beaten egg.

Aaaaaaand then what do I do? I put the onions in the bowl, add a bunch of other things, and… what? sit there and stare at it? It also doesn’t say how many peppers should I start with. Now honestly, if I was making this I’d make it with red peppers and not green, but that’s neither here nor there ’cause I just don’t know what to do after I put everything in a bowl. Maybe I dance around the kitchen with the bowl and do the hokey pokey, but I don’t think that’s it.

Until next time, toodles!