This week, the spam folder brought me a recipe for Boiled HominyCheese Sauce. Now Fred, he loves grits. He’d eat them with every meal if he could. In fact, his favorite birthday meal is shrimp with cheese grits. Loves that to death! But… hominy, he isn’t a fan of. To put it mildly. I told him that grits are made from hominy, but he doesn’t care. Apparently his mother hated hominy and convinced him he hated it too, so getting him to try it just isn’t happening.  Which means I won’t be making Boiled HominyCheese  Sauce.

Anyway, Fred’s particularities don’t actually pertain to this week’s recipe, since it seems to be missing parts. Well, I guess if you’re copying and pasting from other sources into your spam, you aren’t actually making sure you get the entire recipe. And on to that recipe!

Soak large hominy over night and then in the morning wash and 
cook in plenty of boiling water until tender. Drain well and place 
in a baking dish and cover with cheese sauce, made as follows:

Place one and one-half cups of milk in a saucepan and add two 
tablespoons of grated onion and four level tablespoons of cornstarch. 
Dissolve the starch in the milk and bring to a boil. Cook slowly f
or five minutes and then add

So out of curiosity, I did some googling for the sentence “Soak large hominy over night…” and found the recipe here.   In Mrs. Wilson’s Cook Book, that same cookbook I found in these two posts Liver Dumplings and Huckleberry Shortcake.

I guess those spammers really like that cookbook!

Other funny thing, Mrs. Wilson was the instructor of the cooking for the Navy and the subject of the spam I found that recipe in is Military Technology Now Available To The Public.

Isn’t that funny? I’m sure that’s accidental, I don’t think the spammers are being that particular.

Until next time, toodles!