My spam folder has a fixation with liver and prunes, I know this because the latest recipe is prune nut jelly. Seriously, are they putting these recipes in because they know no one will actually look at the text once they realize that there’s these recipes in them? On the other hand, I guess there are folks that like prunes and liver, though I do hope (for some reason) they never put them together in the same recipe.

Anyway, on to the recipe!


Soak three level tablespoons of gelatine in one-half cup of
cold water for one-half hour. Now stone sufficient prunes
to measure one cup. Add

One-half cup of finely chopped nuts,

One-half cup of sugar,

One cup of prune juice,

Juice of one lemon.

Now place the gelatine in a hot-water bath and then strain
into the prune mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed and then
pour into moulds. Set aside to mould and then serve with
fruit whip.

I went to Google again to find out where this recipe originated. I looked for “prune and nut jelly” then included the first line of the recipe and got lucky! The recipe came from “Modern cooking : numerous new recipes based on present economic conditions” published in 1912. In San Francisco. I wonder if they love prunes out there, I hear some health nuts do. Anyway, the original book is in the library at Cornell University. And this happens to be the same book that this┬árecipe came from. I guess the spammers just used it because the text is available online.

I went back to my spam folder to see what these spammers were selling. And to my great amusement, the subject line was Outback Steakhouse Dinner. Outback Steakhouse sending me prune recipes. If that isn’t something for the spam filter to catch, I don’t know what is. Until next time, toodles!