Hey there, sugar!

So this is a new one to me. I’ve heard of apple fritters, corn fritters, banana fritters… basically fruit and vegetable fritters. I’ve never heard of a chicken fritter. But that was what I found in spam.

Spam fritters. Now that just sounds wrong…

Back to the chicken fritters. First of all, I looked at the email that contained this message. For those of you worried about infecting computers, don’t click on the URL. Fred likes to repeat that every time I work on this. Don’t click on the URL. I didn’t, Fred, and I won’t, so please, find something new to harp on. Because if you don’t, maybe I’ll make that recipe with prunes.

Back to the spam. The subject of it was:

10-Second Cheat Makes You Never Forget a Single Thing Again

Oh, there are times I wish this was true. I’d love to remember the last place I left my sunglasses, or my keys, or even my purse. Instead I wander the house looking for them and repeatedly asking Fred if he’s seen them and of course, he’s useless. But anyway, it’s spam, so I pretend anything in that spam is a lie. Except for the recipes. So far those have been pretty good.

Now to this week’s recipe!

 Season well, pieces of cold roast chicken.[Pg 21] Make a
fritter batter, stir the pieces in. Drop by spoonfuls into boiling fat. Lemon
juice added to the seasoning is an improvement.


Well, that isn’t much help. Make a fritter batter, indeed! I did find one at
And that looks pretty good, but the idea of having a pot of boiling fat in my kitchen does not. So this week, I won’t be making the recipe. I’ll talk about doing it a lot, but boiling fat is just… not going to happen.

Until next week, toodles!