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Month: July 2016

Liver and Onions


Hey there, sugar! Well, last week I said… maybe this week we’ll get pictures. I’m sorry to say that we won’t. I absolutely refuse to cook liver in any way, shape or form. I know Fred likes it, but Fred can go to his favorite diner and eat it there. There will be no liver in my kitchen. This recipe is for Liver and Onions. I can think of a lot of things I’d rather do with an onion than to put it on liver, but to each his own, I guess.

Take 1 lb. of liver, cover it with boiling[Pg 15] water and let it stand for five minutes,
then cut it into dice. Into a frying pan put 3 slices of fat bacon and fry. When the fat is fried
out add the liver and 4 onions, sliced thin; cook until done. Add a tablespoonful of flour, salt,
and pepper. Mix well and serve.

And once again, in the middle of a recipe we see a page number. Those spammers, I guess they’re copying and pasting from some cookbook or other. Fred says they do this to get around spam detectors. Maybe they should add liver detectors to that spam detectors and catch both of these. I mean, it’s bad enough I get spam, I have to get it with a liver recipe? Maybe next week’s recipe will have chocolate in it. I could always use some chocolate! I think this week I’ll just make chocolate chip cookies. That’ll tide me over until next time… And until then, toodles!

Saboyon Sauce


Hi there, Sugar! From the depths of the spam folder recipe files, I found Saboyon Sauce. Now, this is a new one to me. I’ve never heard of this one. I had to google to find out what a Saboyon Sauce is. According to this Saboyon sauce is the french word for an Italian desert. It’s called zabaglione. That page also says it’s made with wine. This recipe I found… does not say that.

Place one-half cup of sugar in a saucepan and add the yolks of two eggs. Cream until light
and fluffy and then add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and one-half teaspoon of almond extract.
Heat one-half cup of milk to the boiling point and then pour over the eggs and sugar. Stir
continually over a slow fire until the mixture is just below the boiling point. Remove and add
stiffly beaten whites of two eggs and serve on pudding.

Wow, that’s just one paragraph of a recipe. I pulled it apart and listed the ingredients, which are:

  • one-half cup of sugar
  • yolks of two eggs.
  • one teaspoon vanilla extract
  • one-half teaspoon of almond extract
  • one-half cup milk
  • beaten whites of two eggs

I see no wine in that recipe. I do see ‘pour over pudding’, which says to me it isn’t quite a stand alone desert. Fred told me he’d try it if it had wine, but without the wine, he just wasn’t interested. He’s not much of a pudding person either. So no pictures this week, but maybe next! Until next time, toodles!

Soft Cookies

Hi there, sugar!

I still find it just so funny that those spammers put recipes in the spam they send out. I suppose if they’re going to try to send us viruses, it’s nice of them to send something useful at the same time.

So back to the recipes. This week’s find is one for SOFT COOKIES. Yup, the name in the recipe is in all capitals, just like I typed. Makes me feel like the cookie recipe is screaming at me. What a strange thing for a recipe to do. The name is weird too. Normally I like my cookie names to give me a hint of what I’m getting. Chocolate chip! Peanut Butter! Ginger Snaps! Sugar cookies! Those names just step right up and say ‘Hi, you’re getting this in your cookie’. Soft cookie tells me… I’m making a soft cookie?

On to the recipe!

Place in a saucepan

One cupful of molasses,

Six tablespoons of shortening.

Bring to a boil and then add

One teaspoonful of ginger,

One and one-half teaspoonfuls of cinnamon,

One-half teaspoon of allspice.

So, that’s different to me. I’ve never made cookies in a sauce pan. Of course, most of the time I just make chocolate chip cookies, but that’s neither here nor there.

I used butter for the shortening. I wanted to use regular shortening, but when I opened the can, it turned out to be empty. Oopsy!

Stir to blend and then take from fire and let cool, now add

One egg,

One cupful of sour milk,
One teaspoonful of baking soda.

Beat with a Dover egg-beater to blend and then add sufficient flour to make a soft dough that can be handled, usually about seven cupfuls. Form into balls the size of a walnut and then flatten between the hands. Bake upon a greased and floured inverted baking pan in a moderate oven for about ten minutes.

Well, Mr. Google told me that sour milk is ‘1 tablespoon of vinegar in a measuring cup, then add milk until it’s a cup’. So that’s what I did.

I also had to ask Mr. Google what a Dover egg-beater is. Turns out it’s a hand mixer. I own no hand mixer and I won’t own a hand mixer when I have a perfectly reasonable KitchenAid® mixer. And so that’s what I used. I poured the mixture from the sauce pan into the mixer bowl and did the rest of the recipe in there.

Also according to Mr. Google a moderate oven is somewhere between 350 and 375 degrees, so just for fun, I went with the top end. I bake my chocolate chip cookies at 375 and that works, so why not this.

And they turned out quite tasty! Thanks to the spam folder, Mr Google and my KitchenAid®.


Until next time, toodles!

Spiced Prunes

Hey there, sugar! This weeks recipe from the spam folder is for Spiced Prunes. This one, I won’t be making. I don’t like the smell of prunes and I certainly don’t like the taste. That isn’t going to stop me from writing about them though.

So here’s the recipe:

Prepare one pound of prunes for cooking and then place in a casserole dish and add

One cup of water,

One-quarter cup of vinegar,

One cup of brown sugar,

One piece of stick cinnamon,

Six cloves,

Four allspice,

Two blades of mace,

One-half teaspoon of nutmeg.

Cook slowly until the prunes are tender and then drain the syrup and boil ten minutes before pouring over the prunes. Serve cold as a condiment with meat.

I have no idea what ‘prepare the prunes for cooking’ means, other than ‘pick another recipe’. I do find it interesting that they’re supposed to be served cold and with meat. I never thought of prunes in that way. Of course, I try not to think of prunes, but that’s neither here nor there. Especially not with meat. I just… no thank you!

So I went back to the email that this recipe was in. The subject was ‘Home Depot Rewards’ and the message told me I had been preselected to receive a gift card from Home Depot for $1,000… if I’d just click on the link. Instead of clicking on the link, I looked at the body… and found spiced prunes. I’m sure that’s better than getting a computer virus, but I’m not sure how much.

Until next time, toodles!

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