My spam folder was a tease this week, it brought me Chocolate Jelly.  I love chocolate.  My friends know that the way to my heart is through chocolate with extra chocolate on the side.  I love milk chocolate, I love dark chocolate, I love chocolate period.  But Chocolate Jelly?

I thought I’d give it a shot because maybe it was an old recipe and when they said jelly they meant something else.  It turns out, no, they meant jelly.  Actually, the recipe looks more like jello to me, but still.  Chocolate jello is not a flavor I want to try.

The recipe!

Chocolate Jelly

  • 1 pint of boiling water,
  • 1/3 a package of gelatine,
  • 2 pinches of salt,
  • 2 level tablespoonfuls of sugar,
  • 1 ¬Ω squares of Baker's Chocolate,
  • 1 teaspoonful of vanilla.

Put the water, salt and chocolate in a saucepan.

Cook, stirring until the chocolate melts, then let it boil for three or five minutes.

Soften the gelatine in a little cold water and pour the boiling mixture over it.

Stir until dissolved, then add sugar and vanilla.

Pour into a mould and set aside to harden, serve with cream and powdered sugar or sweetened whipped cream.

I like Jello, especially cherry and strawberry jello.  The idea of Chocolate Jelly or Chocolate Jello does not appeal to me at all.  I thought it might just be me, so I decided to ask a co-worker what he thought of the idea.  His response?  Oh no.  That sounds wrong.

So it isn’t just me that thinks this is a bad idea.

This recipe did come from The Project Gutenberg EBook of Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes which does sound like a book that I would like a lot, but still, jelly that’s chocolate?  Just no.

I did find a Chocolate Cookies recipe in that book I will try, real soon.

Until next time, toodles!