This week my spam folder was not kind to me.  In fact, it was downright rude.  It brought me a recipe for Prune Sauce.  It’s bad enough my spam folder brings me bad software or web addresses that give me viruses, it had to bring me Prune Sauce.  That’s beyond rude.  That’s downright unforgivable!

Though my spam folder has brought me awesome things like the Washington Apple Cake and the Saratoga Corn Cake, so I guess I can’t be mad if it occasionally brings me awful recipes like prune sauce.

The recipe!

Prune Sauce

  • Rub one cup of cooked and stoned prunes through a fine sieve and add
  • One cup of prune juice,
  • Juice of one lemon,
  • Six tablespoons of sugar.

Heat to dissolve sugar and then cool before serving.

I can honestly say this is a recipe that I will never make.  I know that prunes are supposed to help with digestion but I’ll take my Metamucil over eating prunes any day of the week.  I don’t even like the smell, it turns my stomach.

In summary, there will be no prune sauce made.

I went back to my spam folder to find out who on earth sent me this horrid recipe.  I found the email and it had the subject ‘Find out if your spouse is cheating!’.  Isn’t that an awful combination?  Cheating spouse and prunes.  On the whole, I’d rather go to the beach for a vacation!

Until next time, toodles!