I had another busy week this week.  It happens, usually when you least expect it.  So busy that I actually ate out four times in one week.  That hasn’t happened since college!  Needless to say, that means that I didn’t make this week’s recipe from the spam folder.  This one is for Hungarian Chicken.

My mother used to make what she called Hungarian goulash.  I don’t know the recipe, but it was good.  It wasn’t really spicy, it was differently spicy.  I always liked it.  This recipe looks kind of bland (even if Fred calls paprika spicy!).  Nothing but paprika for spices just doesn’t sound spicy or even differently spicy (I must get my mother’s recipe!).

The other problem with this recipe is it uses an entire chicken.  It’s just Fred and I at the home these days, that’s way too much food for just the two of us.  We’d be eating leftovers for the week and I’d be listening to Fred whine about the paprika.  For a week.

Anyway, the recipe!

Hungarian Chicken

Joint a fowl as for fricassee; put it on the firein enough cold water to cover it; bring it to a boil slowly, and cook until


Unless the chicken is quite young this should require from 2 to 3 hours.

When it has been simmering about an hour put in a sliced onion, 2 stalks of

celery, 3 sprigs of parsley, and a teaspoonful of paprika.

When the chicken is done, arrange it in a dish, add to the gravy salt to taste and the juice of ?? a

lemon and pour it over the chicken.???

Those question marks in the recipe were in the spam messages, I guess they copied and pasted poorly.

The end of the recipe even says where the recipe came from.  It says ‘From “The National Cook Book,” by Marion Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick’.  I found a free version of this book on line.  I’ve got to download it and check it out.  According to that link, it’s Americanized versions of international recipes.  That could be interesting, on the other hand, it could be toned down versions.

Until next time, toodles!