This week the spam folder didn’t bring me chocolate (which I really REALLY wanted this week) instead, we got Cold Duck and Chestnut Border.   Now our local grocery store is kind of small, and we have chicken, fish, beef and pork.  No duck.  Fred did offer to go hunting and get me one, but I pointed out that it isn’t hunting season yet and on top of that, who was going to prepare the duck?  I certainly wasn’t going to do that and last time I checked, Fred didn’t do it either.  He also hadn’t been hunting in about fifteen years.

In other words, duck was right out.

The recipe!

Cold Duck and Chestnut Border

  • Arrange slices of cold duck on a platter.
  • Shell and blanch 1 qt. of chestnuts, then boil until soft, drain and put them
  • through a colander. Add a tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper to taste,
  • arrange around the cold duck. Garnish with olives or bits of red currant jelly.

So that’s kind of a boring recipe, but I guess the title didn’t oversell it.  It’s cold duck and chestnuts around the border.  It’s also from one of the spammers favorite cookbooks, 365 Luncheon Dishes.  They do love that cookbook.  I just wish that this week it had been something chocolate.  Did I mention how much I want chocolate this week?  I’m not sure I did.

I went back to my spam folder and found the message that had this recipe.  It had the interesting subject of ‘New Fat-Burner– Takes–GNC- by–Storm–‘.  I found that funny because I always thought that duck was a fatty meat.  According to the NPR it is.  So according to that spam message I should both eat the meat and burn fat.  I’m pretty sure that they’re doing what Fred said they do, fill the message with junk so it hopefully gets past the spam filter.  Well, my spam filter caught this recipe, so it didn’t work for them this time.

Maybe if I had a spam filter that wasn’t as smart, it might work.  On the other hand, they might give me chocolate recipes that way.  Hear that spammers?  Next time throw a chocolate recipe my way!

Until next time, toodles!