The spam folder was nice to me and brought me a recipe for soft gingerbread. Just perfect for the season. And not a gingerbread house, I’m not creative to make something like that. The only time I tried it came out looking like a gingerbread shack that had given up on the idea of actually housing anyone. It was so bad I forbid Fred from taking pictures and it did not leave the house. We ate the walls, those were delicious at least. It was such a horror and the process to make it was so messy, I swore I’d never do anything with gingerbread again.  I’m not kidding when I say it was messy.  There was icing on the walls of my kitchen!  I have no idea how I managed that, it should have been on the house, but there it as.  Icing on the walls.

Until now, because this isn’t a house. This is just a loaf of gingerbread. I can deal with a loaf of gingerbread.  I think.  It can’t be messier than the horror that was the house.  It is the right time of year for gingerbread though, so that’s good.

And on to the recipe!


One cup of molasses,

One-half cup of sugar,

Eight tablespoons of shortening,

Two and one-half cups of flour,

One teaspoon of soda dissolved in one-half cup of water,

One teaspoon of ginger,

One-half teaspoon of cloves,

Two teaspoons of cinnamon,

Two teaspoons of baking powder.
Beat hard to blend and then pour into well-greased 
and floured pan and bake in a slow oven for thirty-five 

It looks like a very easy recipe, doesn’t it? Just a bunch of things in the bowl and let the KitchenAid go to town.

The recipe doesn’t say what size pan, but I went with a standard bread pan. This is what the dough looked like in the pan:

Gingerbread in the Pan

Gingerbread in the Pan

Once again, I asked my favorite page on Wikipedia what a slow oven was and learned that it is between 300 and 325 degrees. I went with 325 since it seems like a nice number. After 35 minutes, I checked with a toothpick just to be sure. That toothpick was awfully wet for the bread to be done, so I decided to let it bake for 10 more minutes. And repeat. And repeat. And it was finally done! And here’s the nice loaf, isn’t it pretty?

Gingerbread out of the pan

Gingerbread out of the pan

Well, much prettier than that gingerbread monstrosity I made. Fred did agree it was much prettier than my gingerbread shack and even tastier too. Until next time, toodles!