Carolina Philpes is this week’s recipe from my spam folder. Mainly because the whole thing just confuses me to no end. Plus, I’ve been busy with Holiday preparations and buying gifts for all of those nieces and nephews has just left me too tired to bother with any cooking or baking. Typing is the most I can handle today.

So my first question, is what is a Philpes, never mind what is a Carolina Philpes. Apparently it is some sort of cookie, at least according to Google. Google was desperate to search for Carolina Phillips, but I insisted.  Anyway, I found this information at a cookie website, so I’d assume it’s a cookie.  Then again, I’ve never had a cookie made with rice.

Funny enough, that’s the exact same recipe I found, but someone made it look nicer. Amazon has the same recipe in a Lunch dish cookbook. So either it’s a cookie made with rice or it’s a lunch dish… or maybe it’s just as confused as I am.

Anyway, on to the recipe!

31.—Carolina Philpes.

One gill of rice, boiled soft; when cold, rub it with a spoon.
Moisten with water a gill of rice flour, and mix it with the
rubbed rice. Beat 1 egg, very light, and stir in. Bake on a
shallow tin plate, split and butter while hot.[Pg 14]

And on to my next question. What in the world is a gill of rice? Fred, being oh so helpful, said it probably had something to do with a fish. I pointed out to him that that has one less ‘l’. One quick question to Mr. Google later, I find that according to Wikipedia it’s a unit of measurement also known as a teacup. Which is odd to me, I have teacups of all sizes, but I guess at one point that wasn’t true. It’s actually equal to a quarter of a pint, which is half a cup. So half a cup of rice, boiled soft. Got it, can do it, no problem… but now my next question. How hot do I bake it? And a shallow tin plate… how big is that?
So… I’m still not sure what a Carolina Philpes is, still not sure what temperature to bake it, and definitely not sure what size of a baking pan. In summary… I am so confused.

Until next time, toodles!