Hey there!

This week I found a recipe for German Prune Cake in my spam folder. As I’m pretty sure I’ve said before, Fred won’t eat prunes and for that matter,  I won’t eat them either. They just do not agree with my taste buds and I do not plan on asking my taste buds to change.  I don’t even like the way prunes smell.

On to the recipe!

a30.—German Prune Cake.

For this use a recipe for short cake adding more milk to make it 
into a thick batter. Turn into a shallow, oblong pan and over 
the top press lightly into the mixture a close layer of partly 
cooked prunes. Sprinkle thickly with granulated sugar and bake 
in a quick oven. Serve hot. —From "Table Talk," Phila.

That’s interesting, the recipe says where they found it. Fred tells me that spammers like to add random text to messages to get past the spam filters. I’m just lucky enough that they use recipes, some of which have turned out quite delicious. I decided to   try to find out what the actual source of this recipe is since they were so kind to leave that information in. Turning to the trusty Google, I asked Google what “Table Talk,” Phila was and the first result was this.  Apparently it’s a column in the Inquirer about Philadelphia cuisine.

It seemed weird that that column would  have a recipe on German Prune Cake there, so I expanded my Google search to include the words German Prune Cake. I got lucky with that search. There’s a book from 1902 called “365 Luncheon Dishes: A Luncheon Dish for Every Day in the Year” that contained the recipe.  I even found it on Amazon. The spammers must have taken a free copy of this book and just copied the recipe out and added it to their spam. I wish they’d chosen a better recipe. Maybe shortbread… or chocolate shortbread… or chocolate chocolate chip shortbread.

Until next time, toodles!