Hey there, sugar!

This week’s recipe has the worst title… Collared Head.  A recipe title has to be more informative than just ‘collared head’, don’t you think? What kind of head?  Whose head?  What in the world is ‘collared’?

On to the recipe, which answered some (but not all) of my questions:

a???Collared Head. Boil ?? a pig's head until the meat comes from the bone,
  chop it fine and add salt and pepper and a slice of onion minced very 
  fine. Stir all well together and turn into a mould. Serve cold.

And this is a recipe I won’t be making anytime soon, if ever. My grandmother made something similar, or so my mother told me.  She said grandma served it as if it was a fine delicacy the first time she met my father’s parents.  Trying to be polite, she swallowed her serving whole but swore that she’d never make it or eat it again.  My grandmother was a piece of work though.  She used her cooking to tell you just what she thought of you.  If she liked you, it was her glorious fried chicken, mashed potatoes and double chocolate cake for dessert.  If she didn’t, it was liver and onions served slightly warm with no dessert.  Luckily for me, she liked me enough to get over her distaste for my mother.

Anyway, back to the recipe.  I’m not even sure where I could get a pigs head from, nor am I sure how this recipe means it is a collared head.  I thought it had something to do with collard greens, but that’s spelled differently.

I went back to my spam to find out who sent this to me… because seriously, I expected it to be a political email.  It was an email that said ‘”Hearing Loss Reversed”!’.  On the plus side, the email that sent me this … lovely recipe had a domain of heartpolitical.website, which goes along with the political website idea.

Until next time, toodles!