Hey there, sugar!

Last week, my niece Margaret Sue and my nephew Dan visited. I like to call Dan by Dan Bob, because it just fits him.  He rolls his eyes at me because apparently I’m the crazy aunt.  Well, there’s worse things to be.  They like spending time with their crazy aunt and uncle, which I consider a success.  A big success. They can call me the crazy aunt all they want!

Anyway, Fred took them fishing and I used them as my guinea pigs for this week’s recipe from the spam folder.  This week’s recipe was Macaroni Cutlets.

On to the recipe!


Cook one-quarter pound of macaroni in boiling water for twenty minutes and 
then drain. Cool and then chop fine. Place in a bowl and add

One-half cup of grated cheese,

Two tablespoons of grated onion,

One tablespoon of finely minced parsley,

Two teaspoons of salt,

One teaspoon of paprika,

One-well-beaten egg.

Mix thoroughly and then mould into croquettes. Roll in flour and then dip 
in beaten egg. Roll in fine crumbs and fry in hot fat. Place in a hot oven 
for ten minutes to finish cooking.

So it was quite the production. Here’s Margaret Sue stirring them up:


We used a pastry knife to dice up the macaroni.  Then we made them into cutlets and put them into the pan.


One of them did turn out awfully funny looking.  That was the first one I made, the rest turned out pretty good.

And here’s what they looked like aftter we baked them.  We baked them at 350º and they turned out looking okay.


Dan Bob complained about the amount of cheese.  He said there should be more cheese, but then that’s what Dan Bob always says about the cheese.  He didn’t like the amount of salt in the recipe, which I think is a valid complaint.  2 teaspoons of salt is an awful lot of salt for the amount this recipe made.  He also didn’t like the amount of onion, but I think that’s his usual complaint too. He was definitely full of opinions and willing to share… and he kept eating them, so I think he liked them.

Margaret Sue said they were pretty good, but could use more cheese.

So to summarize their opinions:  More cheese on the recipe please.  Maybe next time I’ll add shredded cheese to the tops before I bake them.

Until next time, toodles!