Hey there, sugar!

Now Fred liked the idea of this week’s recipe. He thought it sounded just yummy. I, on the other hand, refused. I think it might be watching Bambi too much as a kid. Or maybe reading Watership Down. I don’t know, I just don’t like the idea of eating rabbit. Suppose that means I’d be a horrible survivalist. Of course, my idea of roughing it on vacation is a hotel without enough towels. Camping is just not happening.

Fred loves to go. He says he and his friends hunt and fish but I think it’s really just an excuse to sit in the woods and drink whiskey.

Anyway, on to the recipe!

Curried Hare.

Clean and cut the hare or rabbit as for fricassee. Simmer slowly 
in just enough water to cover, add a thickening of 1 tablespoonful 
each of butter and flour, season with salt, pepper, and 1 
tablespoonful of curry powder.

And isn’t that nice.

I went back to my emails to find where that recipe had shown up.  (Yes, Fred, I didn’t click on anything.  You made it so I can search through this mess without clicking.)  It seems it is a popular recipe ’cause it showed up quite often.  It was either ‘Get back to your youth’ (no thanks!  Not with rabbit!) or ‘Walgreens gift card!’  (yeah, free, right) or credit reports (sure, I’ll trust a spammer with my social security number… about the same time I go camping with Fred!) and I even found it in ‘Hearing Loss Reversed!’… and then I stopped looking.  I guess curried hare is popular with spammers.  Maybe they should make curried spam next time.

Until then, toodles!